Gotta Be Cute

Day of Week Chalkboards

WHEN?•z•day is a wide-ranging Wednesday blog series covering organizational planning, seasonal themes, ‘time of life’ issues, growth and development; basically, anything that addresses, “When?”

Being the first entry in this series, I thought I’d share a few (of my many) personal peccadilloes. These relate to organizational tools, so don’t hold your breath for anything racy.


I’m reminder-dependent. Almost everything in the realm of my life is noted by me somewhere, and if it is noted somewhere, it probably has an alarm or notification set to go off -at two different times. A heads-up for any needed preparations a day to a week before and a day-of one that goes off with ample time to stay on schedule for the task or event. I don’t know if it is age, fear, or just habit, but I assume I will lose track of life if I don’t operate this way.

To List or Not to List?

That is the question… Prior to being reminder-dependent, I was list-dependent. The lists were my reminders and they were posted all over the house and in binders. I had grocery/menu and family calendar lists in the kitchen, school lists in the office, cleaning lists in the bathroom, bill paying lists in files, seasonal lists in binders on bookcases, and THEN, we started to homeschool our sons. That pushed me over the top with lists. Thankfully, technology stepped in and saved the day.

Don’t get me wrong, there are beautiful ways to display practical lists, but I like to keep it to a minimum nowadays and technology allows me to have most of it in a few, easily accessible, key places (computer, tablet, phone) and they all sync… I’m sync-dependent too -and I love it.

There are plenty of specialized list-type apps with notification functions, but my ‘stuff’ is pretty well covered by my multi-purpose, family accessible COZI app and by my personal iCloud Calendar, Reminder, and Notes apps. Not all, but most of the lists I still maintain can be found on my devices, either within apps or in file form.

It’s gotta be cute.

Call me shallow, but looks matter to me when it comes to schedules, calendars, and other listy things.

Google ‘organization schedule’ images and you’ll see a bunch of boring calendar-type schedules. However, if you look closely; or better yet, search on Pinterest, you will find ideas for appealing, eye-catching, and very functional lists, most of which you can easily make on your own.

I’m a huge fan of color-coding, special fonts, and decorative accents. Color-coding pulls eyes to just the right places and accenting with appropriate adornments makes the list more friendly and inviting. Displaying lists in a way that is pleasing and strikes a cord with users is important to drawing them into the information on the list. And, that’s key to me, because if it meets the criteria for display, I want it used as intended.

Sometimes you gotta go 3-D.

Too much ‘stuff’ in my home sends my senses into overload and I feel like the walls -and my life, are closing in on me. I have to limit ‘storing’ things ON counter-tops, desks, and other furniture. We lived in small homes for years and it’s a serious challenge to have everything stored out of sight. However, it is a rewarding thing to strive for if there is more than one person living in the home… or if I live in the home.

My rule of thumb: If it must be out, it must be orderly and have as small of a profile as possible. And, as I shared earlier, it’s gotta be cute!

The fact is, if you see it every time you enter the room, you live with it -like a silent roommate. Why not strive to have it be something nice to spend time with, as well as have a job, and help keep the place clean?

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