Rest in Peace, George…

Legend, infamous legend, George Jones, leaves behind a musical legacy that holds a range of life lessons for the rest of us. Lessons not just in the songs themselves, but also in his voice, on his face, and from his life.

I’ve been listening to his music all day. It reminds my why I love country music; it’s real life put to song. And, if George’s voice is on a track, rest assured you’ll be drawn in and feel the real even more. You might laugh, you might cry, you might fall in love with country music, you’ll probably be more thankful for something in your life, you very well may see a need to apologize to someone for something, you’ll feel like you know George and, somehow, that George knows you, you will be glad you spent some time listening, and I think you’ll come back for more.

Now, if you’re talking country music, and if you’re talking George Jones, there’s going to be flawed people involved, there’s going to be some type of conflict and longing, there will be truth revealed, and there’s got to be some kind of hope and redemption before it’s all over. And, love. It could be love of the simple things in life; God, family, country. It may be love between people, love that’s been lost, found, or aged in a barrel. That’s all pretty serious stuff, but country music represents real life, so while a song might make you cry, it could just as easily make you sing along and chuckle all the way through too. And, that, is why I say, George Jones is quintessentially the king of country music.

As a sinner, saved by God’s Grace myself, I find this aspect of George’s life very compelling. If you’re like me, you might find the following of interest:

George Jones: Troubadour of the Christ-Haunted Bible Belt

George Jones has died, and I am afraid a lot of people will think he was a hypocrite. George Jones was no hypocrite. He was the troubadour of the Christ-haunted South. The raw emotion, and even whispers of torture, in his voice can teach American Christianity much about the nature of sin and the longing for repentance. – Russell Moore

Died: George Jones, Legendary Country and Gospel Singer

Jones was raised as a Christian, but in the early parts of his career kept a wild lifestyle which led him to become “infamous for ditching performances after drinking and drug binges.” At one point, Jones even wound up in a coma as a result of an alcohol-induced car accident.

But Jones told CBN that he awoke from that coma singing gospel songs: “I wanted some gospel music, and my whole life changed,” he said.

Although he said he felt that parts of his life had been wasted, Jones said God kept him alive for a purpose. His main goal in life became to “try to get closer and closer to Him.” He recorded an album of gospel songs, and said he was more proud of it than any other album. – Melissa Steffan

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