Things I Must Tell the Children

I wish you all a blessed day of motherdom! Whether you’re a mom or a recipient of motherhood, happy Mother’s Day to one and all.

BUSY MOMS… A tender ‘old-school’ moment with a timeless message for mothers (and others). This one broke my heart in a very good way. You should watch it ;o)

CAREER DAY… This is super cute. I have to warn you though, it will make you want to be a parent -like, right now. Actually, it may make you want to be a teacher too. I say, go for it!

SONS… As a mom blessed with three sons, I can assure you this will look familiar if you’re a mother to sons.

JUST LIKE ME… Aww, this brings back precious memories. Your heart will be glad you watched this, no matter how old your children are now.

99 BALLOONS… Motherhood isn’t always easy, it can often be bittersweet, but it is always -always, a blessing.

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